Parent Resources

Required Forms for NYXFC Players

NY XTREME FC medical waiver nyxfc us club registration form

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Parents Guide for Post Concussion Management

This guide will help us as parents better manage our athletes post concussion.headsupconcussionaction plan

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Concussion Fact Sheet for High School Athletes

It is important to know what concussions are, what their symptoms are and know the Return to Play and Return to Learn Protocols.HeadsUpConcussion-NYXFC

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US Soccer introduces Player Development Iniatives

US Soccer has introduced new Player Development methodologies to attract, develop and retain players.  Included is a discussion on Birth Year Registration, as well as details for players 12 and younger.US Soccer PDI aug2017 ENG

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Research Says Young Athletes Need More Than Just Practice To Succeed

However, many athletes never quite cross the 10,000 hour finish line, and have used the scapegoat reason, “I just didn’t have enough time to commit to the sport.”

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