Chris Lyn Announced as Technical Director 8/20/18

Effective immediately, NYXFC Founder, Chris Lyn will assume the responsibilities as Technical Director for NYXFC.

Lyn will collaborate with our newly appointed Director of Coaching, Jason Weisberg.  Lyn will support strategic planning, maintenance and evaluation of our professional coaching staff and board members on all soccer matters pertaining to NYXFC.  To ensure the optimal development pathway for all NYXFC club players and to provide support for the club’s elite coaching staff, and valued leadership volunteers, Lyn will be responsible for the management and implementation of our club philosophy, policies, systems, coaching curriculum and all technical matters pertaining to the club. 

Lyn will actively support all NYXFC teams and players as they work toward regional and national success. His support in the development of the NYXFC players’ passion, focus and drive as well as his influence on the technical, physical, psychological, and tactical aspects of our players will be a vital part of his role as Technical Director. Lyn will continue to apply his knowledge, expertise and strong relations within the soccer world to attract, recruit and expand the club. Lyn will act as liaison to promote and drive the progression of the club’s emerging soccer talent to the highest level including player support for regional ODP, PDP, and ID camps and programs.  Additionally, Lyn will support NYXFC’s collegiate recruitment program, assisting with recommendations and referrals for collegiate, national and international level of play.